This world began as society had was separating into two groups: those who worked with and prospered from artificial intelligence and those who did not. Unfortunately a minimum guaranteed income was never implemented, so those who were left out of the AI enhanced lifestyle had little to look forward to in life.  For a long time people on all sides of this issue were strangely complacent, just letting events unfold.

Those who benefited from AI began implementing ever-increasing AI driven security and surveillance to ensure the safety of their persons and property. At first this was done in close collaboration with human security forces. But human security costs money. More and more AI enclaves began switching to total AI systems with fully robotic security forces.


Human security forces around the world soon realized that the plan was to eventually disband them and replace them with AI systems. This triggered an active debate within human security forces about whether a political solution could be reached to spread the benefits of AI among all people.  Given the extensive economic resources of the AI empowered humans it was doubtful that a political solution was possible.

A group of young officers finally had enough when AI security forces informed them they were no longer authorized to patrol within AI empowered human enclaves. The young officers lead a movement to disable the AI robotic security systems.  Word spread like wildfire fueled by the long simmering resentment against AI, and soon the movement became universal.

The general public joined in and the dismantling of AI systems everywhere was soon seen as a patriotic act. Everyone talked about how good things were in the old days before AI technology had entered their lives. Soon working with or using any kind of automation or computer technology became unfashionable.

Before the anger abated tons of electronic devices were converted to rubbish and most government and business entities were left without any way to get their jobs done. Communication system computers were also dismantled and the global economy ground to a halt.

Soon basic necessities like food and clothing became difficult to obtain. The distribution chain for providing fertilizer, seed and fuel to the agriculture industry was broken.  The distribution system for processing food and getting it into the grocery stores also stopped working. Computers were blamed for the resulting food shortages which triggered a cycle of further dismantling of automation, which led to further shortages.

Population densities began to drop off as waves of revolt against technology spread. Eventually the industrial economy fell apart and was replaced by a combination of hunter gathering and small-scale farming. Throughout the whole sad adventure technology was regarded as the culprit. This caused a continuous dismantling of machinery and deliberate forgetting of knowledge.

This world has stabilized now with a tiny fraction of the population it once had. Life is very primitive and difficult, with most people concerned only with daily survival.

There is no opportunity to channel artificial intelligence in a beneficial direction since, in this world, artificial intelligence no longer exists. The ethical responsibility for the creation of this world lies with the large numbers of people who were unable to see a positive way forward when dealing with artificial intelligence. Since they were unable to see a way forward their only option was to go backwards, which resulted in the collapse of human culture.

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