Safe and Secure

This world got its start when the Central Homeland Protective Agency decided it was necessary to extend their artificial intelligence (AI) monitoring system into all schools to help ensure safety and security. This way if anyone broke a rule they could use AI to interrogate the infringing person and decide on appropriate punishments.

Given the importance of peer pressure it was also decided to interrogate everyone the infringing person had talked with in the 30 days prior to the infraction.  If anyone interrogated was deemed to have encouraged the offender their punishment would also be appropriately determined by the AI system.

Out of Control

When kindergarten teachers Ella and Jane objected to the placing of tracking sensors in bathrooms and lunchrooms at their schools the AI system, during its interrogation of the teachers, soon found a pattern in kindergarten teachers favoring growth and exploration of the world over strict obedience to all rules and regulation.

Since this was obviously a threat to the rule of AI the teachers were fined and required to attend reeducation camps to fix their understanding of the types of human behavior that were needed to support a modern AI state.

As luck would have it Ella and Jane had just finished attending the international kindergarten teachers convention in the capital, so when AI expanded its interrogation it quickly included teachers, and then kindergarden students, from around the world.  Case after case turned up a pattern in both teachers and students favoring growth and exploration of the world.


The list of people needing interrogation expanded so rapidly that, just a year earlier, AI systems would not have been able to cope with the volume and would have asked for human guidance in this crisis.  Fortunately, after a recent incident requiring human intervention allowed a suspect to escape the country, the AI security system now had full authority to detain people pending interrogation for up to 1 month without human authorization.

The AI robotic security force efficiently rounded up teachers and students and placed them in detention facilities. At the same time AI requested assistance from the AI security systems of 127 countries requesting all information available on detained teachers and anyone they had met in the previous 30 days.

After a lengthy processing time of 3 minutes 17 seconds 124 countries replied with all information requested.  Three countries only provided all information on the detained teachers themselves.

When the children of the President, Supreme Court members, and National Assembly members were detained their parents protested vigorously, as one could easily imagine, and resisted the robotic security officers. Thirty days in fully automated detention for non-cooperation did not improve their moods. It did, however, give them time to consider the wisdom of their near total reliance on AI systems for security.

AI Limitations Foster Human Development

When they were released their first acts were to fire the human directors of Central Homeland Protective Agency. They then set up a working group to recommend the appropriate ways to best limit AI.  The idea quickly spread around the world, and soon essentially all countries began cooperating on ways to best limit AI while ensuring the continuing human growth and development.

Ella and Jane worked together with other teachers and created a movement to redirect AI in directions that fostered human well being. By strongly prioritizing true human well-being above economic growth and making excessive accumulation of possessions culturally unacceptable this world has largely been able to reduce the motivations that drive people to use artificial intelligence to control others.

Their educational system places a large emphasis on lifelong growth and maturity They have also developed strong ethical principles to ensure that artificial intelligence remains transparent, widely distributed, and within agreed-upon limits.

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