The Natural World


The human world is part of the natural world.

In the natural world rivers change course,

stars are born and die.


In the same way the human world is not fixed,

it is not dead.

It is alive with the possibility for change.





What was successful yesterday becomes fixed.

To ignore what is fixed is to take unnecessary risks.

Nothing lives forever.

Reliability is present in the natural germination and growth of ideas.

Those who can read it understand the origin of multitudes.



Exceptional performance finds ways around,

while going through.

Masterful persuasion blames nothing,

so none can contend with it.


Cultivate the absence of ultimate solutions.

Ultimate solutions are dead ends, the universe does not support them.


Prosperity is achieved by knowing what is enough.

Knowing what is enough is achieved by letting go.

Letting go is achieved by connecting directly.





Great wisdom treats the small as its foundation.

Great folly only values the exalted.

No folly exceeds approving of greed.

Great wisdom is built on knowing what is enough.




Masterful building does not tear apart.

Excessive rules and regulations generate dishonesty.

Excessive standards destroy responsibility.

Investigating is more valuable than punishing.


Conserving virtuosity creates unknown depth.

Unknown depth is dangerous to cross.

Those skilled at fighting do not rise in anger.




The wise emphasize the need for hard work.

This avoids the need for great sacrifice.

All weighty matters start with something small.

Act on the small and avoid the need for great victories.