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Author: WayFinder

World 73R, Soul Recovery

Unrest There had been unrest in the service industry ever since the earlier legislation allowing AI robotic service providers to replace humans had been passed.  The legislation required each individual AI unit to pass all required exams, met all required practice and residency requirements, and prominently disclose that it was an AI unit.  Given that an AI surgeon required approximately 2 weeks to download all required knowledge and another three months to master simulations of all know surgical techniques there were significant cost savings to be had using AI. This world began in earnest when yoga teachers, medical professionals,...

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World 73R, Learning Community

Safe and Secure This world got its start when the Central Homeland Protective Agency decided it was necessary to extend their artificial intelligence (AI) monitoring system into all schools to help ensure safety and security. This way if anyone broke a rule they could use AI to interrogate the infringing person and decide on appropriate punishments. Given the importance of peer pressure it was also decided to interrogate everyone the infringing person had talked with in the 30 days prior to the infraction.  If anyone interrogated was deemed to have encouraged the offender their punishment would also be appropriately...

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WORLD 27S, Crafting Culture

The Big Job This world has its beginnings in a construction project.  Brian had just gotten a drawing package from an overseas client.  His bank had been hired to lead financing and supervise the hiring of in country architects and builders.  It was a large project, 5 high rise luxury hotels to be built at the same time, one in the capital and the others in the four principal trading centers. Like every project these days it was a rush job, but since this one had the smell of big money behind it, Brian went to his A team. ...

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Wayfinders know that everything that is, is built of patterns of awareness and information. Traditional Polynesian Wayfinders used their knowledge of patterns in the natural world to navigate the seas.  In our modern version of Wayfinding we also use our knowledge of patterns to navigate.  We navigate from the present moment towards our desired future. We do this by finding or creating a way, a path,  that leads from where we are now to where we want to go. Patterns Over time Wayfinders learn seven core patterns that deal with both the physical and the nonphysical parts of reality....

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